Eric Trojak turns the crank on a wine press outside of a Princeton warehouse.

You can’t go wrong with two men who have wine flowing through their veins.  Jim Knier’s grandfather-in-law and Eric Trojak’s grandfather both, coincidentally, were wine makers during the 19th century in Yugoslavia.  These men compliment each other and share in the common ideas on what makes amazing wine and proper winemaking tactics.  Their passion for winemaking is something that has been passed down from generation to generation.

They have a one-room winery in Princeton.  For the past 16 years Trojak and Knier have mostly kept their wine to themselves, only sharing small tasters with friends and family.  They also donate bottles to local charity fundraisers and enter their wine in contests at state and country fairs.  Last year, 2009, they decided to tap into the consumer market.  They were making so much wine that they weren’t able to donate it all and they couldn’t keep getting their friends drunk.

Even though there have been technological advances in the wine making industry, these two prefer to use hard work with their meticulous intimate process, the old-fashioned way.  Come and experience home-brewed wine that has been perfected over the years.  In the 1910’s Trojak’s father sold their vineyard to finance relocating the family to America, where he continued his craft in his home.  Trajak first tried making wine in 1987 when him and his wife became home winemakers, along with a group of married couples.  Knier and his wife tried to join the group, but they were too late.  Six years later the group disbanded and Knier and Trojak teamed up.  They haven’t looked back since.

Come and enjoy the Half Moon Bay Area’s newest winery.  Call 650-726-3425 right now to make your reservation at the San Benito House and enjoy some home-brewed Trojak Knier wine.

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