mavericks wave

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Mavericks is a world famous surf location about a half mile north of Half Moon Bay.  After the strong winter storms waves may reach 25 to 80 feet high!  Many people know about Mavericks, but most them are not aware that these massive waves are due to unusual rock formations under the sea.

In 1961 three surfers Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Knottmeyer decided to check out the waves off Pillar Point.   A German Sheppard that belonged to the roommate of Alex Matienzo was with them that day.  This loyal dog’s name was named Maverick.  Maverick would usually paddle out to the waves with the surfers.  That day, however, Alex paddled back to the shore with Maverick to tie him up since he decided the waves were too dangerous for the dog.  Later this surf spot became known as Maverick’s.

Jeff Clark is a surfer who grew up watching Maverick’s waves from the rugged coastline where his high school was located.  One day in 1975 he decided to try his luck with the waves that were topping out at 25 feet that particular day.  He was successful with many waves that day, while the first three surfers had limited success.  He surfed the waves solo for the next 15 years.  In 1990 a picture of Maverick’s appeared in Surfer Magazine, and this is what first gave this surf location it’s international popularity.

Since those early days many documentaries and films have been made about Maverick’s waves.  The first Maverick’s surf competition was held in 1999.  Now, each winter there is a waiting period from November to March.  Once the swells are big and the conditions are perfect 24 of the bravest and best surfers, and spectators from around the world, are assembled with less than 24 hours notice for the world famous Maverick’s Surf Competition.

Keep your eyes pealed for the surf news of when Mavericks will happen and give us a call to surf the big wave into the hospitality that you will only find at the San Benito House Hotel, a Half Moon Bay Hotel located on Main St, and enjoy the Maverick’s Surf Competition.

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