Established in 1905 San Benito House was originally named The Mosconi Hotel, a moderately-priced hostelry for visitors to the Coast side and is now one of the oldest Half Moon Bay Hotels. With the construction of the Ocean shore Railway, Emanuele Daneri hoped for a thriving business at the hotel.

After the Mosconi’s retired, Daniel Dagni ran the popular place. From the start, the hotel was known for its bargain-priced, family-style Italian dinners.

Since none of the owners of the business never owned the building itself, it gradually began to deteriorate. Carol Mickelsen bought the property in 1976 with several partners, including Ron Mickelsen. They operated the property till 2008.

In 2008 Franco and Connie Carrubba bought San Benito House. Natives of Siracusa, Sicily and owners of Caffe Riace as well as Shoreline Station. Franco had dreams of bringing San Benito House back to life. His passion for restoring beauty and life to historic buildings was truly realized. All his life he has been restoring and designing buildings, both commercial and residential. The purchase of San Benito House was driven by Franco’s desire to bring the San Benito House into the 21st century.

The saloon now gleams of polished wood and brass. Early Coast side photographs hangs on the walls, reminding guests of how it “once was” on the Coast side. The impressive collection of large animal heads once hung on the walls of the Museum of Natural History in Santa Barbara.

The restoration is ongoing. A large deck has been refurbished to allow for live music and events, weddings and more. We seat up to 250 people.

Flower boxes separate the areas, making it a perfect spot for sipping morning coffee or afternoon wine, reading, chatting or munching on deli fare. At night, when the fire is lit, guests sip cognac and watch the stars. The gorgeous garden is now a popular site for weddings.