Barterra Winery

This is the place to go for knowledgeable and friendly staff.  The Barterra Winery, just simply, is a great place to go wine tasting!  This classic winery was started by an Italian immigrant at the turn of the century, like so many immigrants at the time, Bartholomew Colucci was looking for the American Dream.  Now you can also share in his dream and come experience the result of a long history of crafting the perfect wines.

Barterra has many award winning fine wines for you to enjoy as you take a stroll through their art gallery or sit outside in their picturesque peaceful courtyard.  This is a family business that is passionate about the wine business.  They take their craft seriously and make sure their staff are available to answer any questions you might have about their wines.  It is likely that you will find the owner, Bart (as in Bartholomew Colucci, the grandson of the founder who shares his name), making you and other guests feel at home.

There is a wine club that people can sign up for, which you might consider for a regular supply of exquisite wines.  When you sign up you will receive one free bottle of olive oil.  This membership gives you many benefits including discounts off purchases, your choice of bottles of reds and whites (or a mixture) every month, and access to new releases before the general public, as well as exclusive members-only events.

Barterra Winery is located on Main Street, not far from the San Benito House.  Come and enjoy Half Moon Bay in classy style with a combination of wine tasting at Barterra Winery during the day and evenings spent at the San Benito House.  Make this a romantic getaway that you and your significant other will remember.  Check out one of the oldest Half Moon Bay Hotels.  Call us at the San Benito House. Make your online reservations now to ensure you have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night in the San Benito House.

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